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Tengchong Volcanic National Geo Park

Tengchong Volcanic Geo Park is suited in the Tengchong and Lianghe counties of Baoshan Municipality in Southwest Yunnan. It’s known for its geothermal springs and remains of ancient volcanoes.

There are altogether 97 volcanoes including 25 ones with well-preserved conformations (craters, volcanic cones). With diversified volcanic cones, the park also boasts dozens of pedionites with considerable coverage and mild gradients.


Spectacles in the geo-park include lava cavities, subsiding lavas, coulee and original joint, volcaniclastic rocks, lava rubbles, and ignimbrites etc.; most take the shape of spindle, bread, and Chinese fried twisted dough etc. Volcanic cones of different kinds, craters, pedionites and barrier lakes have given birth to spectacular sights for visitors.


Most of the volcanoes in Tengchong were formed in the Pliocene and Holocene periods, dating backing to 3.4 million years to 10,000 years ago. There are all together 4 volcanoes that can date back to 10,000 years ago. The cones of early volcanoes have undergone damage of weathering for thousands of years, so there are pitifully 6 volcanoes whose massifs are visible today; and some are dormant volcanoes. Due to the geographic location in the east part of Alps-Himalaya tectonic zone, and the east side of the abutting joint of Indian Plate and Euro-Asian Plate, Tengchong Volcanic Geo Park features growing fault structure, volcanicity of young volcanoes, and geothermal manifestations etc. Long-time geological evolution, frequent lava eruptions, conformations and re-conformations resulted in a great deal of volcanic remains and natural sceneries as well.

(Primitive joints)

Quite a few geological phenomena have resulted from the volcanicities. One can easily find hot springs, "hot sea”, and “hot fields” etc.; The geothermal manifestations are mainly fumaroles, steaming ground, boiling surfaces, fountains, toxic fumaroles, sinters, and “blowing-up” hot-water etc. The sinters can be further detailed as sinter mesas, sinter embankments, sinter piles, steep sinter screens, sinter "houses”, sinter fans, sinter mushrooms, sinter beans, sinter grapes, sinter caves, sinter stalactites etc to just name a few.