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Festivals and events in October in Yunnan

In the month of October, at least ten festivals and events are about to take place including those in Kunming where travellers normally start an impressive Yunnan tour. Take a quick look!

Kunming Vegetarian Culture Festival
Date: October
Place: Xuning Temple (12 km from downtown), Kunming
Highlight: promotion of vegetarian culture, cultural shows and sermon etc. Xuning Temple located at the Changchong Mt in the northwest suburb of Kunming is converted from a small nunnery and has undergone enlargement to the present scale. The temple is a good place for having a birds-eye view of the city.
Transport: it is better to have a local guide to go. 

Daguan Chrysanthemum Exhibition
Date: 23 September to 31 October
Place: Daguan Park (2 km from downtown), Kunming
Highlight: more than 500 kinds of blooming chrysanthemums displayed in the park. 
Transport: public bus No.4, 22, 52, 95, 100, 104, 124, 131, 258, Z13

Photography Festival of Chengzi Village
Date: 30 October
Place: Chengzi Ancient Village (190 km from Kunming), Luxi County, Central Yunnan
Highlight: Photography competition. Chengzi Village is the most typical place where one witnesses the traditional residence: the earthen houses. The golden season autumn makes the village more impressive. 
Transport: bus ride from Kunming East Bus Station

Huayaodai Ethnic Costumes Festival
Date: 1-7 October
Place: Jiasa Town (240 km from Kunming), Xinping County, Central Yunnan
Highlight: parade of Huayaodai ethnic costumes, exhibition of ethnic handicrafts, and experiencing local delicacies etc. Huayaodai is a branch of the Dai ethnic group living in Xinping County and is known for the traditional dazzling costumes.
Transport: bus ride from Kunming South Bus Station to Xinping County then transfer

China-Myanmar Baobo Carnival
Date: 1-7 October
Place: Ruili City (720 km from Kunming), Dehong Prefecture, West Yunnan
Highlight: Chinese and Burmese youth singers competition, beer carnival, parade of festooned carts, green banquet and trade fair etc.
Transport: flight to Mangshi city then bus transfer, or bus ride directly to Ruili from Kunming West Bus Station

Chrysanthemum Exhibition of Lijiang Ancient Town
Date: October
Place: Ancient Town of Lijiang (500 km from Kunming), Northwest Yunnan
Highlight: Tens of thousands of potted chrysanthemums are arranged in the Old Town of Lijiang which is a UNESCO site in the northwest of Yunnan Province.
Transport: flight to Lijiang from Kunming; bus ride from Kunming West Bus Station; train ride from Kunming Railway Station

Gedong Festival of Songzanlin Temple
Date: 11 October
Place: Songzanlin Monastery (620 km from Kunming), Shangri-La, Northwest Yunnan
Highlight: as an event for exorcising held in Tibetan Buddhist temples, the Gedong festival features the dances staged by lamas wearing religious masks.
Transport: flight from Kunming; bus ride from Kunming West Bus Station

AoWaSa Festival of the Dai People
Date: Middle October
Place: Xishuangbanna Prefecture (530 km from Kunming), South Yunnan
Highlight: also called the Opening Gate Festival. Rather than be called a festival following the Closing Gate festival, it is a unique tradition of the Dai ethnic minority in Xishuangbanna Prefecture. Many tabooed activities (such as wedding and visiting relatives) during the Closing Gate festival can be done during the festival.
Transport: flight from Kunming to Jinghong; bus ride from Kunming South Bus Station

China Emerald Culture Festival
Date: October
Place: Malipo County (410 km from Kunming), Wenshan Prefecture, Southeast Yunnan
Highlight: emerald exhibition and trade, and photography exhibition etc. Malipo is the unique origin of emerald in China.
Transport: bus ride from Kunming East Bus Station

Gourmet Festival of Dousha Pass
Date: 1-3 October
Place: Dousha Town (450 km from Kunming), Yanjing County, Northeast Yunnan
Highlight: snacks and local delicacies from around Yanjing County. Dousha ancient town is known for the Wuchi (Five Feet) passage which was opened in the Qin Dynasty and is the oldest official passage linking Yunnan to the inland of China.
Transport: bus ride from Kunming North Bus Station

Country Music Festival of Zhonghe Town
Date: 1-3 October
Place: Zhonghe Town (460 km from Kunming), Yanjing County, Zhaotong City, Northeast Yunnan
Highlight: country music, local delicacies experiencing, exhibition of local specialties, and sightseeing etc.
Transport: bus ride from Kunming North Bus Station

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