Dai Ethnic Garden

The Dai Ethnic Garden is in Ganlanba basin of Xishuangbanna (Shortly referred to as Banna) Prefecture, some 30 kilometers away from downtown of Jinghong. The Dai Garden was opened to visitors in August of 1999 and has been employed as a must-go place among the scenic attractions of Banna that is located in the southwestern part of China, and known for its mysterious tropical rainforests, wild animals and minority cultures.

In the Dai Garden there are 5 well preserved primitive Dai communities whose villagers are all hospitable and friendly. Visitors are welcome to stay overnight in a Dai family to receive the host and hostess' hospitality and to join their routine farm work amidst the rural landscapes; there is also a centuries-old Manchunman Buddhist monastery in the park. For most time of the year, Water Splashing Festival is played inside the Dai Garden since there is no frigid winter in this area.