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Shopping In Yunnan

Yunnan is known as a Treasure House of natural resources and ethnic cultures. There are a whole stable of items unique to Yunnan Province that may not be found elsewhere in the world.

The comprehensive natural and geological conditions have nurtured approximately 10,000 kinds of TCM herbals, accounting for 70 percent of those of China. Yunnan is also one of major tea planters in China. Pu’er is the tea capital and the special caffeine-free tea, Pu’er Tea, is just named after Yunnan’s Pu’er Prefecture since old times. Yunnan’s geological location, adjacent to Myanmar also makes it a favorite place for “jade hunters” from home and abroad. Ethnic diversity is another spotlight of Yunnan. There are altogether 26 nationalities with a population of over 5,000 respectively; most of them can be, to a large extent, identified by their unique costumes. Multitudes of cultural facts have been developed into or involved with cute souvenirs for visitors. The unprecedented booming tourism sector of Yunnan has brought opportunities and challenges for Yunnan people, who always strive to better their living standards since Yunnan is a remote and frontier hinterland of China. Travelers from near and far, with high expectation, explore Yunnan for its mysteries that are being unveiled one after another.  

There are too many handicrafts and local products to specify. Kunming flowers, Jianchuan wood carvings, Xinhua silverwares, Tengchong jade crafts, Jianshui purple pottery wares, assorted minority embroideries, Bornite wares, Xuanwei ham, Pu’er Tea, and Xiaguan Tuocha Tea, Wenshan pseudo-ginseng, and Zhaotong rhozima gastrodiae etc., just name a few. Generally speaking, every city or town has a Free Market whose availability is quite all-around. Besides scenic spots confined to itineraries, these Free Markets play an important part of traveling experience of people who like to “ransack” every accessible place for something good, something special and something affordable.